Interview with Featured Poet – Taylor Williams

How long have you been writing?

I started writing in seventh grade, when we were assigned to write an ending to the story “The Lady, or The Tiger?” by Frank Stockton. I ended up writing a tepid domestic drama that ran on for about five pages and involved more plot twists than actual plot. I’ve been writing ever since.

What are you doing now?

I’m working on a new comedy about a writer’s room for a fledgling TV show at the moment, called “The Weather Without Us.” After that, it’s a toss-up between more poems about people being sad or a pilot script about a superhero.

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Featured Photographer – Karissa Crittenden

Check out our featured photographer, Karissa.  Her work inspires juxtaposition through it’s intriguing angles and it’s use of focus to put things in a new perspective.


An Excerpt from “Division of Property” by Abigail Cummins

You are almost asleep. Not quite there, but hovering, on the verge, on the brink, all those other clichés involving prepositions. Then he says, “Hon?”

And you about have a heart attack. You’re in the air, your heart is pounding, your mouth is dry. “God, Steven! What?”

You can see him now, dimly outlined where he stands, seemingly stuck to the wall like some kind of oversized, singularly eyed fly. He looks almost apologetic. “Well,” he says, “I wanted to see if you had any time free this weekend. So we can talk about – you know, assets and division of property and all that.”

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